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3 Ways Leaders Can Prepare for the Future of Work

3 Ways Leaders Can Prepare for the Future of Work_385x514

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Generational differences

Generational differences are sometimes viewed as negative influences in the workplace, but embracing them is an opportunity to build stronger and more diverse teams.


Employee leadership

Leadership takes many forms. Find out why empowering every employee to make good decisions, motivate others and initiate change is good for the bottom line.

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Technology does not have to isolate employees. Rethinking its role can help you unite your workplace, develop employees and complement human interaction.


The Capella Applied Leadership Series is a competency-based, job-relevant training solution for your company’s leaders with the flexibility your employees and your organization require. The series is built to provide a self-paced, interactive leadership experience on a fully online platform where learners can grow their skills within the context of their unique work demands —anywhere, anytime. It can also be tailed to your business to represent your unique brand and employees’ learning styles. The program’s assessment-based model, allows you to easily track how well the program is working, and see how your employees translate new skills into immediate on-the-job impact.

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3 Ways Leaders Can Prepare for the Future of Work_385x514

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