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5 Steps to Designing and Launching a Student Loan Assistance Program

5 Steps to Designing and Launching a Student Loan Repayment Program.jpg

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Defining Objectives

Establishing clear business objectives and then measuring progress towards them is critical for any new rewards program.   Choose from a list of objectives, along with key metrics you can then use to show the success of your student loan program.


Program Design

Employers building a student loan program can choose from offering information and calculators; providing personalized expert advice; or making a monthly contribution to loan repayments.  Whatever you choose, here are some key lessons to help formulate the best offering for your employees.


Maximizing Impact

Student loan assistance can enhance both your internal and external employer brand. To realize the greatest benefit, communications and program measurements need to be carefully planned and executed to support your top objectives.

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5 Steps to Designing and Launching a Student Loan Repayment Program

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