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5 Ways to Change Behavior at Work

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What's Covered

Drive Behavior Change on the Job

Being able to influence employee behavior matters if you want to drive employee performance. High-performing organizations focus their learning & development on changing behavior to improve employee performance, according to Bersin by Deloitte.

From manager skills to unconscious bias training, organizations often struggle to ensure new knowledge is applied and employee behavior change occurs. If employees retain and apply only one-third of what they learn at work, how can L&D leaders drive this statistic up and more effectively change employee behavior?

In this toolkit, you’ll learn: 

  • A new L&D behavior change framework with 5 ways to influence employee behavior
  • Two unconscious bias training case studies on how Lyft and Udemy influence employee behavior for the better
  • Best practices on behavior change to incorporate into your L&D programs


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5 Ways to Change Behavior at Work_385x514

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