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The talent market is the tightest it has been for many years, with record low unemployment. This is leading CEOs to focus even more acutely on attracting, retaining, developing and promoting talent. Adding fuel to the fire is the strong economy along with the windfall for businesses provided by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

This provides opportunities for learning and development (L&D) leaders to take advantage of a willingness to invest and respond to this new reality. And while some organizations are using extra cash for one-time bonuses and pay increases, Patrick Donovan, senior vice president of education advisory services at EdAssist (a division of Bright Horizons), argues for a different approach.

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EdAssist® helps organizations transform education assistance programs into strategic investments that drive skills, recruitment, employee growth, retention, and engagement. Our tuition management and loan repayment solutions include intuitive self-service, expert advisors, and powerful reporting.

Through EdAssist, employers receive policy design best practices that make sure education investments support business objectives, and employees gain personal support and significant tuition savings from 200+ accredited educational institutions. Visit to learn more.

A Learning Opportunity IIWP Bright Horizons

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