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Alignment Playbook

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What's Covered

A playbook for achieving organizational alignment In business as in sports, when players know their role, connect as a team, clearly communicate the game strategy and flawlessly execute on the plays, magic happens. Achieving organizational alignment around a modern learning strategy is a key component of change management when it comes to effectively onboarding a modern learning program. Alignment amongst key roles within your organization is critical for creating a strong and successful modern learning culture whereas a lack of alignment can be costly to the organization.

This playbook will help you rally all the members of your team and make modern learning a winning objective. It covers:

  • The players you’ll need to rally.
  • Plays you can use to engage them.
  • The gear you should equip for success.
  • Some important coaching tips along the way.

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At D2L, we believe a great learning experience is critical to driving engagement and retention. D2L’s learning platform helps prepare and engage your workforce with a personalized learning experience, leadership development, peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, and more. With a fully open API, Brightspace can easily integrate within your existing technology ecosystem. For many companies, engaging their workforce has become just as necessary as engaging their customers. With the right tools, we can help you turn the challenge of retaining and developing the best talent into a competitive advantage.

Organizational Alignment Playbook_385x514

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