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Assessing the Ongoing Importance of Tuition Assistance

Assessing the Ongoing Importance of Tuition Assistance_385x514

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Education as an employee benefit has entered the mainstream, and organizations are stepping up. To help answer some of the most common questions around tuition assistance best practices in the workplace, Capella University partnered with the Human Capital Media Research and Advisory Group for the 2018 Tuition Assistance State of the Industry survey. Survey respondents gave their opinion on the current state of TA programs and what these programs may look like in the future at their organizations.

In this white paper you’ll find answers to questions like:

  • How is TA utilized as a benefit and L&D tool?
  • What kind of positive outcomes come from offering a TA program?
  • What are the common road blocks in successfully measuring the business impact of TA Programs?
  • What are some of the most common reasons for TA program under utilization?
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At Capella University, we understand employers’ needs. You want to make sure your workforce is continuously learning and has pathways to advance. This is a vital piece when it comes to retaining top talent and attracting new, high-potential talent. For this reason, Capella takes a collaborative and consultative approach with employer partners, to design learning programs tailored to the unique needs of your organization and employees.

We provide a leading-edge portfolio of educational offerings that are 100% competency-based. From undergraduate and graduate degrees and certificates to leadership training programs, Capella extends access to high-quality education designed to fit the needs of working professionals. Our degree programs are aligned to top industry standards. And on top of that, an education from Capella can be applied directly on-the-job. We assess learning in a way that connects students to their career goals and prioritizes mastery of specific competencies that are in-line with your organization’s goals. With our special pricing models, we can help you maximize your investment in education by providing your employees a degree for low to no cost.

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Assessing the Ongoing Importance of Tuition Assistance_385x514

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