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Blending High-Tech and High-Touch Learning Techniques With Banana Republic’s Dan Leavitt

Blending High-Tech and High-Touch Learning Techniques_385x514

Topics Covered

Dan Leavitt is Banana Republic’s director of talent management and recently sat down with startup co-founder Niles Lichtenstein for a fireside chat to talk about where modern L&D programs are headed. Dan describes his methodology at Banana Republic as professorial and details core learning elements he uses to achieve a blended learning approach employees gravitate to. Whether you’re an L&D veteran or just starting your career, Dan has easy to implement tips for anyone who wants to evolve their program.

Fireside chat highlights:

  • Why L&D is at the core of company culture
  • Tips for making corporate learning interesting
  • How to inject creativity into a L&D program
  • Benefits of blended learning
  • Tips for starting a successful L&D program
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Blending High-Tech and High-Touch Learning Techniques_385x514

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