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Boosting Productivity at Work: How Mindfulness Training Helps

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Meditation & Work

Caring for your employees’ health and caring for your business goals don’t need to be mutually exclusive. Mindfulness meditation could be the solution for both.


Meditation & Productivity

Mindfulness meditation has been shown to improve several important factors associated with productivity. Learn more about how meditation can increase focus, reduce stress and boost engagement.


Meditation & Physical Health  

The science is clear: employees who don’t get enough sleep have significant productivity loss. Discover the connection between meditation and sleep as well as how meditation can positively impact physical health and disease.

Designed for busy, modern lives, Headspace is mindfulness training made simple. Our award-winning app is proven to reduce stress, and can teach your team to be healthier and happier in just ten minutes a day.

The Headspace app contains hundreds of easy-to-follow guided meditations on topics ranging from stress and sleep to productivity. Our corporate program is designed to help companies effectively launch Headspace to their employees and continually monitor and drive engagement.

With nearly 30 million downloads, a 5-star app-store rating, and market-leading customers, Headspace is the right partner for your business. Learn more at

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