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Communication as a Growth Strategy

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Study after study ranks communication among the most critical skills gaps in today’s workforce. The LinkedIn “2018 Emerging Jobs Report” calls soft skills like oral communication the biggest skills gap, while “Bridging the Soft Skills Gap”, a report from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Center for Education and Workforce, states that finding new hires who possess these skills is becoming an increasingly challenging task for employers.

The question then becomes whether soft skills like communication are desires or requirements for success. According to a The Hamilton Project study, which was reported on by The Wall Street Journal, soft skills give workers a big edge while concurrently improving business results. Similarly, economist and Nobel Laureate James Heckman notes, “We now have very hard evidence that you have to have soft skills in order to succeed.”


Speakeasy, a 46-year-old global communication consultancy currently serving 350 of the most respected companies in the world, has earned its reputation through the use of a highly credentialed and tenured full-time faculty, delivering a superior development experience. They deliver eight to ten communication workshops every week at their global offices, as well as providing customized programs at client sites around the world.

Communication as a Growth Strategy_385x514

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