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Compliance Training Cannot Succeed without an LMS

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Compliance is particularly important in high-consequence industries such as health care, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing and finance. These industries face a high level of regulatory requirements and the very real threat of penalties for noncompliance. For most organizations, research shows that the cost of noncompliance is typically 2.71 times the cost of maintaining or meeting compliance requirements. But in extreme cases, violations can result in fines of millions or billions of dollars.

While the risks of noncompliance can be costly, they are also completely avoidable. A comprehensive LMS will reduce the complexity of compliance management and focus your resources on innovations that make compliance training more effective and impactful.

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Meridian’s award-winning learning management system allows organizations to personalize learning, share knowledge, increase revenue and manage compliance requirements for their employees, customers, partners and suppliers. Meridian has been chosen by leading organizations including U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Johnson Controls, K12 Inc., HAI Group, and The Society of Actuaries. Meridian is headquartered in the Washington DC metro area. For more information, visit or follow @MeridianKS on Twitter.


Compliance Training Cannot Succeed without an LMS_385x514

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