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Connecting Through Storytelling: Unleash the Power of Compelling Communication

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Topics Covered


Psychology behind storytelling

The psychology behind how we process and react to stories, and the different areas of our brain that light up when receiving facts versus receiving stories.



Benefits of a good story

The reasons that all members of your team should use storytelling, and how to help them build and create their own story library.


Essential elements behind storytelling

The 4 different techniques that can integrate storytelling into any conversation, along with the fundamental elements that every good story must have.

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For more than 25 years, Ariel has developed, tested, and refined powerful and authentic communication skills to drive better performance for leaders and their teams. Using best practices from actor training and adult learning, Ariel helps leading businesses develop senior leaders, technical professionals, subject matter experts, high-potentials, managers, sales professionals, and early career professionals who make impactful interpersonal connections through emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and dynamic communication skills.

Whether you need to develop your next generation of leaders, connect global teams, boost sales effectiveness, or keep your workforce engaged and motivated, Ariel can tackle your most pressing business challenges to ensure that your teams write, speak, lead, and sell with impact, at every level of the organization.

Connecting Through Storytelling - Unleash the Power of Compelling Communication_385x514

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