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Cost-Effective Corporate Reading

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It’s widely known that reading contributes to the overall intelligence, communication skills and knowledge of individuals, giving people advantages both personally and professionally. Reading can contribute to group success on the corporate level by driving engagement, critical thinking and cross-team collaboration. And fortunately for budget-pressed L&D leaders, corporate reading programs are budget friendly, versatile and customizable to business needs. Books can be incorporated into meetings, conferences and events, to support new-hire onboarding or career development workshops.

Most importantly, corporate reading programs foster a culture of continuous learning, which can have a positive impact on a company’s overall success.

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Amazon Kindle makes it easy to develop and inspire your workforce through reading. With Amazon’s business-friendly eBook solution, companies can order one or hundreds of eBooks from Kindle’s massive selection and deliver to teams of any size in minutes. Your recipients can read and learn on-the-go on their phones, tablets, and laptops. Discover a new way to enhance your learning programs with eBooks:

Cost-Effective Corporate Reading_385x514

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