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DeVryWORKS Career Services Offerings

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Are you ready to build an engaged workforce that is prepared to meet your organization’s current and future needs? Engage your workforce with DeVry University and its Keller School of Management pool of graduates in business, technology, healthcare and other disciplines. With our non-traditional student population, you can interact directly with a diverse group of candidates, including minorities and adult learners from six graduating classes annually. 

The DeVryWORKS team works with employer-partners to truly understand their unique business objectives and workforce needs to help meet their talent acquisition goals.

Devry Logo Some of the biggest challenges for any business are related to the workforce—a shortage of skills, training your talent and developing the leaders of tomorrow. At DeVryWORKS, we’ve seen how the right talent initiatives can help unlock workforce potential and energize a business growth strategy. We team with our employer-partners to truly understand their critical business issues and workforce needs so we can provide targeted solutions to resolve them. Look to us for custom programs to help you acquire and retain strong talent, upskill and reskill your workforce, keep pace with market and tech changes, and develop tomorrow’s leaders.

DeVryWORKS Career Services Offerings_385x514

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