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Disrupting L&D with Immersive Learning

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What's Covered

L&D organizations are in a position to be a pivotal player in driving innovation and growth, but that will only happen if they’re enabled with the right technology. Real-world simulation provides real-world behavioral change in the workplace in areas of onboarding, training, upskilling and retention.

In this e-book you’ll learn the:

  • Highest priority expectations from the modern learner.
  • Definition of immersive learning and how to implement it at scale.
  • Ways to create measurable insights into the efficacy of training.
  • Science behind VR-based learning and how companies use it to elevate performance.

Download the free e-book, “Disrupting L&D with Immersive Learning” to learn about the tremendous impact that immersive learning has had on employee experience at companies like Walmart, Fidelity and Verizon.

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Strivr offers an end-to-end immersive learning platform that transforms the way people train, learn and perform. Based on proven research in cognitive science and human behavior, Strivr delivers highly impactful VR-based training at scale to improve engagement, retention and performance. Incubated in the Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab, Strivr was first used as an immersive learning tool for training football players. With sports as a proving ground, co-founders Derek Belch and Jeremy Bailenson quickly turned their focus from the athlete to the enterprise. Today elite sports teams and leading Fortune 500 companies including Walmart, Verizon and Fidelity are elevating performance through immersive experience. Learn more at

Disrupting L&D with Immersive Learning_385x514

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