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Enabling Critical Skills: A Guide for Success

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Lessons in Enabling Critical Skills from Leading Companies

In a rapidly changing talent environment, new approaches are needed when considering employee skills. But do you start with: new skill sets, new ways of working, or new job roles? It’s actually all of these – and more. Download this eBook to learn from four leading companies that have been successful in embedding critical skills in their organizations, and how they leveraged technology to enable and scale their skills strategy.


How to Enable Critical Skills at Your Organization

For talent leaders, critical skills are gaining momentum in the race to develop effective talent and business strategies. More recently, the “soft skills” or behavioral skills that underpin long-term sustainability, leadership and agility are taking center stage. Download this eBook to discover how leading companies have embraced employees’ skills as a critical building block for their talent and business strategies.


New Approaches to Building Future Skills

Organizations in nearly every industry have had to pivot and adjust to significant workplace changes. These changes require new skillsets, new ways of working and often new job roles. This eBook will show you how leading companies have successfully embedded critical skills to deliver organizational capabilities at scale and ensure employees can perform, innovate and grow in areas that are strategic to organizational success.

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Enabling Critical Skills - A Guide for Success_385x514

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