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Focus, Metacognition, Engagement: Using Neuroscience to Optimize Training Through Adaptive Technology

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We can now listen to personalized music on the radio, order taxis directly from whatever location and watch a customized stream of movies based on our preferences. Our entertainment and e-commerce experiences are hyper-optimized: no wonder they are so addictive. Can we apply that optimization to learning?

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McGraw-Hill Education Learning Science Platforms apply artificial intelligence to learning through adaptive technology. The platforms transform otherwise static content into personalized experiences that adapt in real-time to each learner’s behavior and performance. Every moment is optimized, so that the right content is presented at the right time for each learner. Greater learning efficiency, effectiveness, and engagement are the immediate results, improved training ROI and organizational performance the ultimate results.

Learners focus on challenging areas, fight memory decay, and move knowledge from short to long-term memory, all while remaining engaged. The technology is based on educational theory and cognitive science that explores memory, metacognition, and the personalized delivery of concepts.

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