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To assess the success of learning programs and investments, organizations should identify metrics that help make the business case for learning to senior executives. Yet many organizations struggle to identify the right metrics or produce quality insight from the data they collect — if they’re collecting data at all. According to the latest CLO research, less than half of all organizations are satisfied with their current learning measurement efforts, while 34 percent manually generate learning metrics, rather than employ a technological solution.

True Office Learning Logo.jpg True Office Learning makes eLearning smarter. Technology has improved nearly everything that we do...except for corporate learning and training. That’s where we come in. We build adaptive learn-by-doing experiences that focus on who you are and what you know. Our diagnostic, training and analytics solutions make employees smarter with adaptive training, leaders more effective with rich behavior analytics, and training creators more efficient by enabling course creation in minutes. Let’s move learning forward...together.
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