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High Tech, High Touch: The Power of People in the Digital Era

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If today’s digital disruption seems familiar, that’s because it’s not the first time technology has shaken up our world. During the Industrial Revolution, it took 50 years for industries to redefine processes and scale technologies. Today’s organizations don’t have that luxury of time. Shorter business cycles challenge organizations in six months or less to either change or fail.

More than 90 percent of employers expect digital impact in the next two years. As digitization advances automation and computing, 75 percent of leaders believe automation will soon require new skills. Skilling up will require a high level of learnability; across the OECD, jobs requiring greater proficiencies are growing the fastest.

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Right Management is the global career and talent development expert within ManpowerGroup®. We help organizations become more agile, attractive and innovative by creating a culture of career mobility and learning that nurtures future talent, motivates and engages people, and provides individuals with opportunities to increase their value throughout their careers. We improve time to value through our expertise in organizational e ectiveness, career management and individual development. Find us on the web

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