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How Can You Succeed in Your New Role?

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When executives in new roles focus on four key areas, they enjoy greater success.

It’s a challenge that every executive faces at some point in their career: You have been promoted to a position with greater responsibilities and want to be successful, but you know that significant challenges lie ahead. But many executives transitioning to new roles fail in the first 18 months. What can you do to increase your chances for success? 

Adapt to — and Get to Know — a New Culture

A promotion typically brings you another step closer to the top of an organization — and to a new set of peers. Not putting in the time at the onset to adapt to a new culture is one of the most common reasons executives fail in a new role. Find out how you can adapt seamlessly.

Address Your Own Weaknesses

While you leveraged your strengths to be promoted, addressing your weaknesses may actually be more important in achieving success in your new role; higher positions require broader skill sets. Here are the key questions to ask yourself.

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How Can You Succeed in Your New Role

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