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How L&D Supports the Leaders of Tomorrow

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While succession planning and talent pipeline creation could often be an end result of employee development, it may turn out to be a lengthy process. Identifying top talent early, readying candidates for promotion and then moving employees through jobs to prepare them for future opportunities could take years. Today’s workers may not remain with a company long enough for a slow-paced succession plan to succeed.

How can organizations fill future leadership positions in this environment of fast change and job mobility? Learn more on how learning and development can assist succession planning initiatives.


The Capella Applied Leadership Series is a competency-based, job-relevant training solution for your company’s leaders with the flexibility your employees and your organization require. The series is built to provide a self-paced, interactive leadership experience on a fully online platform where learners can grow their skills within the context of their unique work demands —anywhere, anytime. It can also be tailed to your business to represent your unique brand and employees’ learning styles. The program’s assessment-based model, allows you to easily track how well the program is working, and see how your employees translate new skills into immediate on-the-job impact.

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How L&D Supports the Leaders of Tomorrow_385x514

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