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How Talent-Forward Companies Keep Ahead of the Change Curve

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change is coming

Talent-forward companies understand that change is coming at us faster than ever. Your employees know it, too. In fact, numerous studies indicate that employees will change jobs if their current company doesn’t offer development opportunities. The most effective way to create an adaptable and productive workforce is to teach powerful soft skills. We call them Power Skills™ because they’re so critical. They’re infused in the Bellevue University curriculum and offered as stand-alone boot camps.


opportunity to grow

You undoubtedly have high performing front-line contributors who are looking for opportunity to grow professionally. These are folks who know your company, your culture, your products, and your customers. They’re just hungry to learn more about business and leadership. Future Leader Fundamentals™ is the program they are looking for. It can be contextualized to your company so it’s immediately relevant and applicable. It’s a turn-key solution that builds talent, ability, loyalty, and self-confidence.


support learning goals

Corporate Learning Solutions is a suite of services that support the most aspirational learning goals and engage your learners in a positive and motivational way. The suite includes generous financial support for your tuition assistance, communications so employees know about the development opportunities you offer, possible college credit for your corporate training and sophisticated ROI studies about the impact of learning on business goals through the Human Capital Lab.


Real Learning for Real Life

Talent-forward companies know the best way to prepare for an uncertain future is to build an agile workforce. Real Learning for Real Life prepares your company to take on the competitive challenges that come with change – regardless of how people change, the company changes, or the world changes.  Check out the solution suite here:

How Talent-Forward Companies Keep Ahead of the Change Curve_385x514


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