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How to Build a Best-in-Class Education Benefits Program

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compelling benefits

There is a shortage of motivated, talented workers. This is especially true in key occupations like retail sales, food service, IT, healthcare, and data analytics. Companies that hire a lot of these employees are looking for compelling benefits that will attract and retain the people they need.


continuing development

Education is a very attractive benefit — especially among millennials. Millennials rate development as the most important non-cash benefit. Many say they would consider moving to another job if they don’t have those opportunities, and most believe that continuing development is important to staying relevant and valuable in the workplace.

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learning solutions

Corporate Learning Solutions at Bellevue University partners with more than 50 companies around the U.S., with workforces ranging from more than one million employees to fewer than 1,000 employees. Over the years of working with them to provide their employees with compelling cost-effective TA programs, we’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t.


Real Learning for Real Life

Talent-forward companies know the best way to prepare for an uncertain future is to build an agile workforce. Real Learning for Real Life prepares your company to take on the competitive challenges that come with change – regardless of how people change, the company changes, or the world changes.  Check out the solution suite here:

How to Build a Best-in-Class Education Benefits Program_385x514


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