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Is Your Culture Innovation Capable?

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Business transformation has been a long time coming for every industry, challenging organizations that grew and matured in a more analog society. With consumers living digital lives, Andrew Webster, vice president of transformation for ExperiencePoint, believes traditional approaches can no longer deliver what consumers want and need.

Three-quarters of HR professionals have been tasked with changing their workplace culture, according to recent research. Needing to increase innovation is one of the main motivating factors in workplace culture change. But where to begin?

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We believe that experience is the best teacher. ExperiencePoint provides award-winning design thinking and innovation training that transforms the way people learn, innovate, manage change and solve complex problems. Using realistic simulation experiences, and a hands-on and proven workshop method, ExperiencePoint gives participants foundational competence and the confidence to think and solve problems differently, innovate and transform their organizations. Our clients include many of the world’s leading companies and academic institutions. Learn more:

Is Your Culture Innovation Capable? 385x514

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