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Adaptation and improvement have always been key to organizational success, and there has been quite a lot of disruption in the business world recently. As organizations focus on the changing face of the workplace, they want to upskill their current employees thoughtfully and efficiently. Considering whether to develop training in-house or purchase something off the shelf can be challenging, and choosing the wrong option can be costly. Time and money are tight in most industries, and learning and development might be neglected to focus on other considerations. That means learning solutions providers need to be equipped to deal with the challenges facing these organizations and be able to maintain both top-quality content and tailored support for customers at every stage.

Champlain College Online

Champlain College Online is at the forefront of adult education. Since 1993, we have carefully crafted online education to match the career aspirations of employees with the industry-driven needs of the organizations that employ them.
As one of the first online programs in the United States, we are proud to be part of the distinguished history of regionally accredited, not-for-profit Champlain College, founded in Burlington, Vermont in 1878.

Champlain College Online is consistently ranked by U.S. News & World Report as a leader in online higher education. Our nationally recognized programs address industry trends and critical skills gaps. We serve more than 3,000 students through 60 online undergraduate and graduate degrees, certificates, and stackable credentials in high-demand fields like cybersecurity, business, healthcare, and information technology.

Through our workforce development program called truED, we partner with some of the nation’s leading businesses and organizations in a bold reimagining of workplace learning that enables employees to flourish and organizations to grow.

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