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Learning Culture Roadmap

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What's Covered

Learn how to effectively manage change as you embark on your modern learning journey. Take your first steps towards creating a modern learning culture in your organization! Success with modern learning is about more than selecting certain tools and technologies. It also involves a profound cultural change within the organization. Creating a modern learning culture is a multi-faceted, transformative journey. With an effective approach to change management, your organization can make sure it’s putting its best foot forward by better enabling your teams to adopt a modern learning strategy.

This roadmap will walk you through how to create an effective, sustainable modern learning culture step-by-step. You will learn how to:

  • Achieve organizational alignment.
  • Manage change at every level.
  • Create supportive learning conditions.
  • Engage in continuous improvement.

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At D2L, we believe a great learning experience is critical to driving engagement and retention. D2L’s learning platform helps prepare and engage your workforce with a personalized learning experience, leadership development, peer-to-peer knowledge sharing, and more. With a fully open API, Brightspace can easily integrate within your existing technology ecosystem. For many companies, engaging their workforce has become just as necessary as engaging their customers. With the right tools, we can help you turn the challenge of retaining and developing the best talent into a competitive advantage.

Learning Culture Roadmap_385x514

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