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Making Employee Education Affordable

Making Employee Education Affordable- No-Cost Degrees & Various Innovations.jpg

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Business Impact

Employees value education, yet affordability remains a barrier, even for those with access to a tuition program.  Business benefits for companies that can address this issue include faster skills delivery, increased retention and more engaged employees.

Case Study

New Education Programs

Learn about innovative lower-cost education formats, including expedited general education courses, competency-based learning and flat-rate degree programs, which lead to motivated employees who now see education as an achievable option.


Case Studies

See how companies have integrated these new approaches into their existing tuition program, enabling employees to achieve their degree with no out-of-pocket costs and driving immediate improvements in key business metrics.

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Win the battle for talent with strategic tuition assistance, education advising, and student loan repayment programs. EdAssist® transforms education programs so employers drive measurable outcomes in recruitment, retention, and engagement. Ensure your competitiveness, cultivate a deeper talent pool, and reduce your costs to fill key roles.

The leader in education assistance management, EdAssist allows organizations to engage employees with custom education plans, exclusive college discounts, and solutions that reduce stress and cost barriers. Employer education investments support talent management goals and help employees gain significant tuition savings from 200+ accredited educational institutions.

EdAssist is a Bright Horizons® Solution at Work.

Making Employee Education Affordable- No-Cost Degrees & Various Innovations

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