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MasterCard Motivates New Hires With Sleek Digital Learning Model

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From the minute a new hire steps through the front door, they’re forming an impression of their new employer. Too often, they’re simply handed a binder full of documents to read alone in a barren cubicle, put through a meeting or two and are then expected to hit the ground running without an understanding of their place in the organization.

According to employee recognition company O.C. Tanner, 60 percent of organizations fail to set concrete goals or milestones for new hires. In a separate analysis, Harvard Business Review found that almost a quarter of organizations have no onboarding process at all. How an organization presents itself to new hires in the critical first few weeks on the job can spell the difference between an engaged, loyal worker and one that walks back out that door in six months. A lack of onboarding processes can cost an organization time and money through lower productivity and morale. Clearly, starting employees off on the right foot is paramount to an organization’s long-term success especially for global organizations like Mastercard.
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Mastercard Motivates New Hires With Sleek Digital Learning Model

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