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New Hires — Bridging the Expectation Gap

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In an ideal world, your new hires would hit the ground running — contributing to their teams, forging relationships and focusing their ideas and energy on what’s important to your business. New hires usually get to this point, but it takes time…often far too much time. Other times, it doesn’t work out at all. You lose excellent people, and they lose out on what could have been a fulfilling career with you. In fact, according to the Harvard Business Review, 17% of new hires leave their organization within the first three months.

Our approach to new hire development offers you the means to accelerate the process of transforming these individuals into valuable and effective colleagues. In this white paper, "New Hires — Bridging the Expectation Gap," you’ll learn how to:

  • Help your new hire establish a professional identity.
  • Develop to create cultural fit.
  • Develop behavioral insight alongside technical excellence.
  • Use the key principles of new hire development.

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New Hires - Bridging the Expectation Gap_385x514


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