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Presence Essentials: Building the Framework for Dynamic Communication

Presence Essentials - Building the Framework for Dynamic Communication_385x514

Topics Covered


strengths & challenges

Presence Essentials equips learners with the skills and techniques to be able to understand their strengths and challenges and access a toolkit to leverage or address them.


be present in the moment

Learn how to be in the present moment, build a genuine connection, and communicate with clear intention.


break down behaviors

 Discover how to break down the behaviors of presence, and apply practical techniques to any business environment.

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For more than 25 years, Ariel has developed, tested and refined powerful and authentic communication skills to drive better performance for leaders and their teams.

Whether you need to develop your next generation of leaders, connect global teams, boost sales effectiveness, or keep your workforce engaged and motivated, Ariel can tackle your most pressing business challenges to ensure that your teams write, speak, lead and sell with impact.  

We use experiential techniques to get participants to try and practice new behaviors. We push boundaries, getting participants to leave their comfort zones and push themselves. We take on a coaching mindset, where participants practice coaching others. We personalize by providing individual feedback and time for self-reflection.  Combined, this powerful approach to learning is a catalyst for changing behaviors to achieve greater authenticity, communication and success.  

Presence Essentials - Building the Framework for Dynamic Communication_385x514

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