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Putting a Plan Together

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How important is succession planning and employee development at your organization? More than three- quarters of organizations (78 percent) have some sort of plan in place, yet 60 percent say they have too few candidates for their needs. Developing employees and promoting from within is crucial to keeping successful employees in house and reducing knowledge loss. 

For Denise Teixeira, senior manager, product education and blended solutions for distribution at Mackenzie Investments, promoting people to internal sales roles benefits both customers and the organization.

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D2L is the software leader that makes the learning experience better. The company’s cloud-based platform is easier to use, more flexible, and smart. By using D2L, organizations can personalize the learning experience to deliver real results. The company is a world leader in content creation and curation, and enables employers to act in real time to keep workers on track. D2Le is used by learners in higher education, K-12, and the enterprise sector, including the Fortune 1000. D2L has operations in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, Brazil, and Singapore.

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