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Sample Outline: Your Company’s Common Reading Syllabus

Sample Outline Your Company’s Common Reading Syllabus

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Amazon supports a variety of learning initiatives with its business-friendly eBook solution (e.g. distributing eBooks for leadership trainings, orientation, conferences, events, etc). But a popular question from business decision-makers centers on company common reading programs—more specifically, how to start one. If you’re interested in launching a reading program for your workforce, start here! Download a sample program outline that includes instructions for participants, links to key resources, and featured titles from Kindle’s catalog.

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Amazon Kindle makes it easy to develop and inspire your workforce through reading. With Amazon’s business-friendly eBook solution, companies can order one or hundreds of eBooks from Kindle’s massive selection and deliver to teams of any size in minutes. Your recipients can read and learn on-the-go on their phones, tablets, and laptops. Discover a new way to enhance your learning programs with eBooks:, get in touch with one of our Business experts:

Sample Outline Your Company’s Common Reading Syllabus

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