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Talent Activation: Turning Potential into Performance

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Despite research from the DeVry University Career Advisory Board’s 2018 annual survey showing that 77 percent of L&D experts feel their organizations are doing a good job of developing the workforce, the persistent skills gap and high rate of employee disengagement across the industry says otherwise. So, what’s missing?

Devry LogoSome of the biggest challenges for any business are related to the workforce—a shortage of skills, training your talent and developing the leaders of tomorrow. At DeVryWORKS, we’ve seen how the right talent initiatives can help unlock workforce potential and energize a business growth strategy. We team with our employer-partners to truly understand their critical business issues and workforce needs so we can provide targeted solutions to resolve them. Look to us for custom programs to help you acquire and retain strong talent, upskill and reskill your workforce, keep pace with market and tech changes, and develop tomorrow’s leaders.

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