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The Complete Guide to  Learning & Development in 2018

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Workforce training is no longer a perk companies offer to employees. It’s a requirement for survival. In fact, when planned strategically, learning and development (L&D) can be a source of competitive advantage.

We spoke with several thought leaders on the strategy, tactics and context needed to leverage learning for competitive advantage. They discuss why so many companies have trouble making this shift and share the big-picture changes and innovative solutions high-performing companies use to succeed.

Best of all, they offer actionable advice on how executive leaders and their HR and L&D teams can use upskilling to meet the competing demands of business growth and talent development.

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Southern New Hampshire University partners with Fortune 500 companies to create measurable impacts through accredited L&D solutions. It’s more than offering degree programs to employees. Our solutions identify skill gaps, build internal talent pipelines, and improve customer experiences. Get in touch with us to launch your first strategic L&D solution today.

The Complete Guide to Learning & Development in 2018 385x514

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