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The Dilemma of ROI & Learning

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The ever-elusive white whale of corporate training programs is measuring Return on Investment (ROI). A precise and reliable mathematical formula to demonstrate ROI would solve so many problems. Productivity growth and competition will not allow companies to continue to invest heavily in learning without a comprehensive system that can speak accurately about their potential return. The training industry is keenly aware of this need. So are many people in the C-suite. But a traditional conception of ROI will not give us the answer or the insight we all seek.

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Inno-Versity is an in-house, full-house team of talented and experienced instructional designers, artists, creative professionals and learning experts. We are a leading elearning provider to some of the largest companies in the world. We provide a complete range of learning services including instructional design, custom learning creation (eLearning, blended learning, and instructor led), learning consulting and creative services.

Our team of instructional designers and creative professionals provide a complete 360 degree solution to help our clients solve their learning challenges. Inno-Versity’s tested learning process examines the current learning environment, measures current learning effectiveness, executes instruction, evaluates results, ensures learning success and finally extends/enlarges current learning based on effectiveness.

The Dilemma of ROI & Learning_385x514


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