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The New Essentials of Employee Education

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It’s a new era in the talent market. Exceptionally low unemployment is matched only by the explosion of required skills, meaning fewer available hires, greater demand, and a new urgency to invest in employee education to compete. Download the eBook to learn how to implement education strategies that produce results at your workplace.

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EdAssist® helps organizations transform education assistance programs into strategic investments that drive recruitment, employee growth, retention, and engagement. Its tuition management and loan repayment solutions include intuitive self-service, expert advisors, and powerful reporting.

The leading name in education assistance, EdAssist manages programs for 190+ organizations, and processes more than $500 million in tuition and loan payments each year. Through EdAssist, employers receive policy design best practices that make sure education investments support business objectives, and employees gain personal support and signi cant tuition savings from 200+ accredited educational institutions.

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