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The Personalized Learning Guide

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Personalized Learning & Engagement

Getting people to engage with learning has proved a perennial challenge for senior management and L&D. Read the six ways that personalization improves engagement with learning.


AI & Personalization Of Learning

AI is playing a crucial role for learners by providing recommendations and knowledge curation. It can help reduce the gap between training and performance by bringing learning into the workflow.


Using a Learning Experience Platform

Every learning strategy should be bespoke to the organization that creates it. But we have identified here seven key strategic action points that will maximize the potential for personalized learning.

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Learning Pool is a full-service elearning provider, offering a range of courses, tools and content creation to over 750 organizations and 2 million learners in 21 countries. With the largest and most flexible catalogue of content on the market and a reliable and robust LMS, Learning Pool delivers a highly customized learning experience, combining their expertise in personalized learning, gamification, analytics and AI-driven performance. 

We currently work with more than 30 North American businesses, in a range of sectors.  Familiar brand names include Yum group brands such as KFC and Pizza Hut, Macy’s, Royal Bank of Canada, Xerox and Valvoline.

The Personalized Learning Guide_385x514


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