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The Power of Data Fluency

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Though the role of the data scientist barely existed five years ago, it has now risen to the top of the job market in terms of demand. Research shows that data-driven organizations are three times more likely to report significant improvements in decision-making, and many that have not already invested in data analytics are looking to do so. For some, this means hiring data scientists and investing in big data tools that collect, aggregate, integrate and analyze data from multiple systems.

Data advocates that data skills should be “democratized” among the entire organization. When data fluency and skills are shared, organizations are able to make better business decisions.

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DataCamp helps companies make better use of data. Our users acquire and maintain data fluency on the world’s most advanced data fluency platform. Because modern occupations require lifelong education, students learn continuously from the world’s top data scientists. And they learn by doing — applying each lesson immediately, and responding to instant feedback. DataCamp enables managers to strategically embed data fluency across an entire organization, regardless of size or structure. We have more than 3.7 million learners around the world at companies such as Nielsen and REI — and we’re just getting started. Close the talent gap. Visit

The Power of Data Fluency_385x514

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