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The Silent Threat to Workplace Satisfaction

The Silent Threat to Workplace Satisfaction_385x514_2

What's Covered


Unheard Creativity

Great ideas can only be implemented if they are heard and understood. Learn how hidden communication challenges prevent employees to freely express themselves in meetings and collaborate amongst team members. 


Barriers Slow Productivity

Communication barriers can, directly and indirectly, affect your teams' ability to complete projects on time. They'll spend more time trying to speak up in meetings and writing emails that result in millions of dollars of lost productivity for companies. 

Workplace Culture

Losing Great Talent

Employees who cannot express themselves often feel withdrawn, dejected and don't have the same impact on the organization as their peers. This results in high employee turnover, which is one of the greatest risks to any collaborative team. Learn how to attract and retain your most valuable talent with proper language and communication training.

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Lingo Live connects multilingual employees to a personal language and communication coach to help them contribute their authentic selves with more confidence at work via task-based learning.  Lessons are situated-within each individual's professional goals and cover global workplace language and communication skills, from running an agile scrum to help with preparing an engaging presentation. Managers can see progress and engagement across their organizations. 

The Silent Threat to Workplace Satisfaction_385x514_2

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