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The State of Frontline Employee Workplace Training

The State of Frontline Employee Workplace Training_385x514

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The Current State of Frontline Learning

Your frontline employees play a critical role in the performance of your business. Find out what is (and is not) working with regards to frontline employee training, what organizations are currently doing to train their frontline and the importance of balancing short-term performance with long-term career development.

Workplace Culture

The Modern Frontline Employee

Frontline employees are often found in the field or on the floor and represent a significant percentage of many organizations' workforces. Learn more about the characteristics of these employees, the common ways they are trained and how to support the needs of this modern, hard to reach workforce.

Case Study

Effective Frontline Workplace Training

In this report, we have identified the top five attributes for effective frontline employee training, and the most desirable. Read to understand how to create a learning experience that provides your frontline employees with the training they need (and deserve).


You need your frontline employees to remember to do the things that matter most to your business every day. Axonify has the secret sauce to make those critical behaviors stick. Our platform serves your people focused, bite-sized bursts of information in the way humans learn best, continually adapting to fill their individual knowledge gaps. It weaves in user motivation tools to keep bringing them back. And it’s smart enough to help you clearly see ROI. All of this comes wrapped in an experience that fits right into the workflow — for just 3-5 minutes a day. We call it micro-learning, but our customers call it a game changer.

The State of Frontline Employee Workplace Training_385x514


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