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The Tech Behind LXP De-Mystified

The Tech Behind LXP De-Mystified_385x514

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Most people are familiar with a learning management system (LMS). But the emergence of the learning experience platform (LXP) has brought a variety of new enabling technologies which might be less familiar to the average learning professional.

For most of us, the important thing about any technology is not so much what it is as what you can do with it. If you belong to one of the 50% of companies who research tells us are likely to buy an LXP in the next 24 months, it helps to know something about these underpinning technologies. This glossary is intended to speed your learning about the technologies behind LXP.

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Learning Pool is a full-service e-learning provider, offering a range of platform, courses and content creation services to over 750 organizations and 2 million learners in 21 countries. It offers a world-class suite of learning technology solutions to deliver on the “learning ecosystem” concept and provides a highly customized learning experience with effective, engaging content. Learning Pool has recently won several prestigious awards including Brandon Hall and Learning Technologies for Innovation. From its US headquarters in Boston, MA, Learning Pool provides services to Fortune 100 companies such as KPMG, AstraZeneca, AT&T, and many more.

The Tech Behind LXP De-Mystified_385x514

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