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Top 10 Tech & Soft Skills Trending in 2019

Top 10 Tech & Soft Skills Trending in 2019_385x514

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To help employees and companies keep up to speed, we’ve put together our annual top 10 tech & soft skills in 2019. Based on analyzing the fastest-growing skills 30+ million people and thousands of businesses are learning worldwide on Udemy, we can spot what’s hot in tech and soft skills.

This infographic will show you:

  • Top 10 tech skills trending globally
  • Top 10 soft skills trending globally
  • Top 10 trending skills by country


Udemy for Business helps global companies stay competitive in the digital transformation of the workplace by offering fresh, relevant, personalized on-demand learning content. Our global network of 42K+ expert instructors continuously supplies courses on trending, popular, in-demand topics. We curate 3,000+ top-rated courses for organizations around the world to help their employees do whatever comes next- whether that’s tackling the next project, learning a new skill, or mastering a role.

Leading organizations including Eventbrite, Adidas,, Pinterest, and HSBC choose Udemy for Business as their strategic learning partner to upskill their workforce and move skills forward.

Top 10 Tech & Soft Skills Trending in 2019_385x514

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