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Unlocking Innovation: 5 Key Steps

Unlocking Innovation - 5 Key Steps_385x514

What's Covered


process vs quality

Discover tools and techniques to adopt being creative and innovative as a process, rather than a personal quality, to develop your skills and generate better outcomes.


support innovation

Learn how to use a unique and exciting way of assessing the ability to envision, support and manage innovation to unlock hidden talent within your people. 


setting the compass

Learn how learning leaders "set the compass" within their organization to target innovation and develop learning journeys that align training investments to their commercial strategy. 

kaplan_transparent logo_250x130At Kaplan, we believe that your training investment should align with your organization’s commercial strategy.  Kaplan Professional partners with you to assess, design, and implement innovative learning solutions that address the growing challenges facing your business.  By using our diagnostic capabilities, we identify learning priorities, unlock hidden talent, and measure training impact. These insights are key to developing meaningful, performance-driven, and critical skillsets your people and your business need. With global reach and regional expertise, Kaplan specializes in tailored learning journeys that scale, turning your training cost into learning investments.

Unlocking Innovation - 5 Key Steps_385x514

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