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Upskilling Your Workforce

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What's Covered

The World Is Changing, Are You?

85% of the jobs that will exist in 2030 haven't even been invented yet. As things get smarter and faster, job titles will change, new positions will be invented, and you can expect your role as L&D to change frequently — the future of work will be as flexible as ever.

Closing the Skills Gap

CareerBuilder reports that 60% of US employers’ job openings stay vacant for 12 weeks or longer. The average annual cost incurred by extended job vacancies is more than $800,000. The disconnect between desired skills and what candidates have to offer is both significant and expensive. Learn how upskilling your workforce is the key to closing the skills gap.

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In Learning Organizations, human interaction and knowledge sharing are major drivers of business impact. 360Learning is the first Learning Engagement Platform built with this in mind. We empower your subject matter experts to become Leaders by providing learning tools as effortless and interactive as Instagram. Our goal is to transform 5% of your employees into Leaders to drive unparalleled engagement rates and business transformation.

Upskilling Your Workforce_385x514

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