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Using Neuroscience Principles to Power Learning - A Guide to Success

Using Neuroscience Principles to Power Learning - A Guide to Success_385x514

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Brain Hacks to Supercharge Your Learning Strategy

For a learning strategy to be effective, employees have to first be motivated to learn. But motivating employees is far more complex than carrots and sticks. What motivates us is actually hardwired into our brains. This ebook will show you practical ways you can apply behavioral science concepts to motivate employees and achieve better learning outcomes.

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Three powerful drivers of motivation

By understanding the science behind employee motivation, organizations can create a learner-centric environment that improves learner engagement, boosts employee motivation, and encourages self-driven learning. This ebook details the three main drivers of motivation – Emotion, Loss Aversion, and Social Storytelling – that L&D leaders can draw from to design a high-impact learning strategy.

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How to apply these neuroscience principles to your own L&D strategy

In this step-by-step guide, you'll learn how to apply these neuroscience principles in your own organization. You'll get the hands-on guidance you need to turn theory into practice and start applying these concepts to your L&D strategy immediately to improve learner engagement and learning outcomes.

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Using Neuroscience Principles to Power Learning - A Guide to Success_385x514

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