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Your YouTube Channel vs. the Corporate YouTube

Your YouTube Channel vs. the Corporate YouTube_385x514

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As organizations continue to find new value in video – creating online training videos, streaming live executive broadcasts, webcasting events, and offering on-demand presentations and product demos – the question of where to keep all this video has become critical.

In this white paper, we help L&D practitioners choose the right place to store and share internal videos. Included in the guide are:

  • An overview of the three most common options for storing enterprise video, including public video hosting sites like YouTube, a company’s internal video library, and a company’s existing LMS and/or CMS sites.
  • Considerations around the content of your video, including how your best choice may change depending on the distribution of your audience and the security needs of the materials you’re sharing.
  • Considerations around the technology itself, including how your best choice may change depending on how comprehensively you want viewers to be able to search for relevant content in your recordings, and the depth of analytics and reporting information you will need.


Panopto helps businesses and universities create searchable video libraries of their institutional knowledge. Since 2007, the company has been a pioneer in video content management systems, video capture software, and inside-video search technology. Today, Panopto’s video platform is the largest repository of expert learning videos in the world. Headquartered in Seattle, with offices in Pittsburgh, London, Hong Kong, and Sydney, Panopto has received industry recognition for its innovation, rapid growth, and company culture. For more information, visit or follow @panopto.

Your YouTube Channel vs. the Corporate YouTube_385x514

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